The last easter egg: EventSoundControl 4.1.0 available

From now EventSoundControl 4.1 is available for download. That enhancement release makes the life with our software much easier and is the result of the daily use by our developer. Of course some bugs was fixed an some little enhancements are not listed here.

Enhanced Drag'n'Drop-Support

From now you can import tracks to jingle or playlist player by drag and drop from systems file manager. Not only audio files are supported. You also can import playlist (m3u) files. On top it is possible, to import whole directories with audio or m3u files at once by dragging and dropping the folder to EventSoundControl.

In playlist player you can not only sort playlist items by drag and drop. From now you also can move or copy tracks between two playlists with drag and drop between two instances of the playlist player.

Default button layouts for jingle player

With the options menu of the jingle groups (right click at the tabs) you now can open a dialog to setup a default layout (color and font) for the jingle buttons. Here you also can apply this layout to the existing buttons. The layouts now also are cross platform compatible. Of course you need the right fonts installed at the target system.

Some other news on jingle player?

The fadeout of a jingle is now visualized by flashing in a lighter red than when playing. So you know, where you have triggered to stop the jingle.

And the playlist player?

Also there is something to mention.  You can delete tracks by using the DEL or BACKSPACE key now. At the end of every playlist you now can choose, what to do next. Here you can choose between starting the playlist from beginning (default) or switch to another playlist.

The playlist player now has a "pause" button instead of the "stop" button. We think, you know what to do with it.

The complete changes you can find at our changelog.