Release 4.0 available

From now you can download release 4.0 of EventSoundControl at our downloads section.

Not all ideas for the future of EventSoundControl could be added to this release but it's time to use the new features provided with this version. The next steps are on the way for version 4.1 like pause function for playlist player and consolidated export of whole eventsets with audio files sorted by jingle groups and playlists.

There were massive changes under the hood bringing new stability and usability of the software. Because it is a major release only the most important changes are noted here:

  • System now controllable via OSC (a sample layout for touchosc you can find in the documents folder of EventSoundControl) which includes support for triggering jingley by midi devices (via OSCulator on mac for example)
  • New hotkey system allows hotkeys for playlist player, panic and talkover too, not only jingle player
  • All module content (audio file links, paths of streams etc) is now saved in eventset file instead of registry
  • Drag and drop support for import of audio files in jingle player and playlist player
  • Import of multiple files to jingle player at once via menu now possible
  • Moving of sounds in jingle player between groups via menu now possible
  • New fader module allows to control the volume of an output directly in main window without the need to show the mixer
  • Audio editor now supports control of the gain for sounds in jingle player
  • Playlist player now has its own playlists (saved in eventset file) with support of moving songs between playlists, export of playlists as m3u and random sorting of playlists
  • In playlist player the use of the audio editor is possible to set start and end points