• Stream your show to the web! With EventSoundControl you can stream to shoutcast and icecast servers an present your show to the world. Read more ...

  • You can use the mixer module of EventSoundControl as a standalone software mixer. Create as much input channels as you have hardware connected. Create as much output channels as you have hardware connected. Create dummy output channels for recording and streaming without hardware monitoring. Route the input channels or eventsoundcontrol modules to the desired outputs. Use VST plugins on windows and mac to enhance the features of your mixer. Read more ...

Use software that was designed from the ground up for the musical accompaniment of sporting events, the carnival and for your stage show! With Event Sound Control You have a piece of software that is jingle and music player for events. Also streaming software for online radio is included. EventSoundControl is everything you need to take control of the sounds and music for your event.

The combination of playlist and jingle player is a basic. The use of ASIO drivers is essential in professional environments. The routing of different sounds with different volume levels through various output channels makes you flexible. With the use of VST plugins you expand the program with key features.

All that and more together with a clear and easy to use interface is EventSoundControl. It is the Swiss army knife you need for your show.

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You're looking for a piece of software to go online with your webradio? Give EventSoundControl a try! You can send your streams directly from the mixer. You can play playlists and jingles. EventSoundControl is simple to use and has all the options you need for perfect workflow and monitoring.

Test the alternative!

EventSoundControl is the professional low cost alternative to RadioBOSS, Michas Jingle Player, TJingle, Hot Jingle Player, Cuefire, Event Music Machine, Multi Room Audio Player, SoundByte, QLab und much other Apps at the stage. Compare for yourself!

Stay informed about news and updates on EventSoundControl! We look forward to your feedback!