EventSoundControl is the swiss army knife for the sound of sporting events, small stage shows or theatre projects, for the sound of pod- and videocasts and for the streaming of live web radio.
Software runs with MS Windows (Vista SP2, 7, 8, 10), Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and other Debian derivates) und macOS (OSX ab 10.9).

Audio system

  • internal singnal processing with 96kHz
  • unlimited count of outputs (in mixed driver configurations too) for distributing your sounds; unlimited count of inputs (in mixed driver configurations too)  for external sources like microphones, cd players or other software
  • in addition to system drivers (Windows MME, Linux Alsa, macOS Core Audio) professional ASIO drivers are supported on Windows
  • VST plugins can be used with Windows and macOS to enhance the audio system
  • native audio format support for wav, aiff and ogg; mp3 support via system codecs on all current systems; wma, ape, flac, aac and m4a are supported via plugins

User interface

  • EventSoundControl welcomes you with a simple and clean interface
  • the main features of the software are diveded into modules that can be hidden or unloaded if not needed
  • modules can be docked at the main frame or float on screen as needed

Jingle player

  • plays short or long sounds like jingles, talkovers, commercials or playbacks with a button click
  • optimized for use with touchscreens
  • loop function with definable start and end points
  • times for fade in or out are definable
  • information to the sound can be displayed on the jingle button itself or as a tool tip when hovering button with mouse

Playlist player

  • plays short as well as long tracks like songs, commercials or  talkovers from free definable playlists
  • with the auto dj function the playlist runs withour user interaction
  • definable times for cross fades
  • automatic gain control
  • random sort of playlists supportet
  • you can export or import m3u playlists

Virtual mixer

  • allows the distribution of your sounds to different outputs
  • you can control the gain of your players and input channels
  • support for VST plugins on Windows and macOS supported
  • you can record output channels as wav or mp3

Remote control

  • remote control of the key features via OSC supported
  • so you can trigger your jingles with a midi keyboard for example
  • a sample layout for TouchOSC (for iOS- or Android tablet) is includes


  • webcaster module allows livestreaming of the complete signal or selected channels
  • streaming is possible to Icecast 2, Shoutcast or Shoutcast 2 servers
  • parallel streaming of several streams possible

An much more ...

  • "Talkover module" allows lowering of the volume of selected channels on a button click for talkovers
  • "Radio module" for inserting remote sources like webradio into the signal path
  • "Fader module" to insert e volume fader into main surface without showing the mixer
  • "Panik module" to stop all players on a button click
  • "Clock module" (yes, not spectacular but often needed) for showing a big clock in the main surface