EventSoundControl Downloads

Here you can download EventSoundControl.
Please note that it is shareware! You can test our software by requesting a trial license (from within the app), but if you want do use it in a productive environment, you need to buy a license!

Consider reading our Quickstart tutorial to find the quick and easy way to get it running.

Feel free to contact us an leave your feedback!

works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista SP2
For Mint, Debian, Ubuntu and other Debian derivates.
works with OS X from 10.9 Mavericks up to macOS Mojave


5.2.1 (2018-06-30) - Fixes and minor enhancements

  • file management
    • allow "save as" for eventset file by menu
    • allow "save as" for eventset with all audio files in one directory

    * button player:
    - execute actions "on stop click" immediately, not after fadeout
    - new action "HttpRequest" added to buttons action
    (now you can start / stop video with VLC)
    - allow manual input of times for fades in editor

    * list player:
    - allow manual input of time for crossfade

    * broadcaster:
    - fix crash on getting statistics with icecast2 streaming
    - moved settings from surface into a separate settings dialog
    - reflect changes on systems outputs in the channel selector box
    - load and save for casting selected output channel with eventset file

    * stream player:
    - now also controllable by hotkey, midi and osc
    - moved settings from surface into a separate settings dialog
    - show stream information and meta data if available
    - can be stopped by panic modules button now
    - setting of times for fadeout and fadein now possible
    - doesn't block app anymore when fading in or out

    * panic module:
    - allow manual input of time for fadeout

    * talkover module:
    - allow manual input of time for fadeout

5.2.0 (2018-06-06) - Enhancement release

  • button player: its now possible to have more than one button player in the system
  • button player: new action "MidiOut" added to buttons actions
  • midi: enabled midi output (currently from button player as action)
  • midi: interpret "note on" with velocity 0 as "note off" as standards define
  • mixer: implement mute button per channel
  • fader module: allow controlling of mixer sources too, not only outputs
  • user interface: fix problems restoring maximized main window on startup in correct size
  • user interface: change some keyboard shortcuts to os defaults
  • user interface: include privacy information into licensing dialog for GDPR compliance