EventSoundControl Downloads

Here you can download EventSoundControl.
Please note that it is shareware! You can test our software by requesting a trial license (from within the app), but if you want do use it in a productive environment, you need to buy a license!

Consider reading our Quickstart tutorial to find the quick and easy way to get it running.

Feel free to contact us an leave your feedback!

Works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista SP2.
For,Debian,Ubuntu, Mint, Deepin and other Debian derivates.
Just download, make executable and run on any recent linux distro!
Works with OS X from 10.9 Mavericks up to macOS Catalina.


5.3.1 (2019-07-28) - Small fixes

  • General
    • dont allow to overwrite actually opened eventset file with new eventset file
    • update german translation
    • some other small fixes
  • List player
    • avoid hang on startup at windows 10

5.3 (2019-08-21) - Major Enhancements

  • General
    • performance enhancements on handling large audio files
    • use of an own mp3 encoder, no need of installed lame encoder anymore
    • switch to gtk3 as interface toolkit (linux)
    • remove bug where "save as .." for eventset file with same file name failed
    • complete rework of vst plugin integration (windows / mac)
  • Mixer
    • fixed bug where channels volume did not come up when prior set to 0
    • fixed bug where not all vst plugin parameters were saved (windows /¬† mac)
    • plugin parameter windows now can be docked to the main window
    • added some internal plugins (working on linux too)
      • Chorus / Flanger
      • Compressor
      • Echo
      • Equalizer
      • Pitch shifter
      • Reverb
  • List player
    • plays audio cds from drive now (windows / linux)
    • tempo of tracks can be changed with editor
    • fixed crash when using fade time 0 with auto dj
    • meta data can be sent to new meta data collector module
  • Button player
    • allow different trigger modes on buttons
      • "normal" -> first trigger plays, second trigger stops sound
      • "scratch" -> first trigger plays, second trigger plays from start
      • "punch" -> plays while button is pressed (not with¬† midi/osc for now)
    • tempo of jingles can be changed with editor
    • allow scrolling of tabs if there are unvisible tabs
    • new action "InternalOSC" added to buttons action (now you can control other modules from there)
    • meta data can be sent to new meta data collector module
    • fix: all button player modules loaded same mixer channel, configuration, plugins etc.
  • Stream player
    • fixed correct saving of time for fade out
  • Broadcaster
    • allow sending some general meta data (stream name etc.)
    • allow sending meta data (artist, title, album, cover) from new meta data collector module#
  • Meta data collector
    • new module to collect and forward meta data from players to broadcasts
    • automatic completation and correction of meta data from iTunes store
    • possible use of meta data from external text file
  • Notepad
    • new module to create, view and change notes into the EventSoundControl interface
  • Webbrowser
    • new module to view web pages into the EventSoundControl interface